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The Because Fiction Podcast!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

My very first podcast experience was a blessing and so much fun! I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would freeze up. But Ms. Havig is such a funny and gracious host that she made me feel right at home. Listen in while I chat about the first book of the Chosen Kids. I give extra details on the plot, a little background info, and we discuss other Christian middle-grade books. There aren’t enough!

This is my official FAVORITE bookish podcast. I highly recommend this show if you are on the lookout for good Christian fiction. She talks to many writers of all sorts of genres. I have discovered amazing books that I wouldn’t have heard of if not for her show. Not only does she interview best-selling authors, she gives time to self-publishers like me. She is a blessing and a prolific author of over 100 Christian fiction books, including a middle-grade fantasy series titled Annals of Wynnewood.

Click the picture below to listen and then check out the rest of her website and read about her books too.

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