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After you sign up, please CHECK YOUR EMAIL! You will receive an email from Please open the email and click "CONFIRM SUBSCRIPTION". If you do not see the email within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder.

Sign up for our newsletter! I know, the last thing you need is another newsletter subscription. But I do have exclusive giveaways and promos just for subscribers. And each month, I discuss a topic that is relevant to you and your young believer(s). I also have a book-of-the-month pick—a Christ-centered middle grade book that your child would enjoy. I promise these books are not cheesy or preachy!

But the best reason for you to sign up is for your middle grader. In each issue, I have a section that is like a mini newsletter to your child from the Chosen Kids. They will update your child on their everyday life, adventures, and any special events or promotions. It’s a way for them to stay connected to the kids while they wait for the next book’s release.

Also, when you subscribe, you will receive three downloadable word games for your child based on the Chosen Kids Saga: a Word Search, a Crossword Puzzle, and a Mad Libs game—this one is so fun!

And coming soon, devotionals to go along with each book.


So sign up today. Do it for the kids!

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