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J. Reese Bradley Live on YouTube

Check out my interview with author J Reese Bradley. Well, it was more like a very casual conversation about The Chosen Kids Saga. At times, I forgot it was an interview because she is so much fun and it was like having coffee with one of the girls. Oh, and be warned, my camera lighting is horrible with dark shadows and discoloration. (I’m working on getting a new one.) Just keep it on in the background and listen instead of watch. Ha-ha!

The interview is a little long. We probably should have stopped recording at about the hour mark, because we started chatting about random things. So feel free to tune out at that point.

Ms. Bradley is the author of the wonderful middle-grade Brumbletide series that is like a mix of The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter written with a Christian worldview. You can find them on Amazon.

Click on the picture to listen.

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