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My First Author Visit!

On October 10, 2023, I had my first author visit at a Christian school.

It was the most amazing experience finally getting to tell the story of The Chosen Kids to my intended audience.

I told them all about the characters and read them a short excerpt, and the students were gracious, attentive, and had some funny comments and questions. I just love connecting with middle graders.

I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for giving me this task. Though it can be difficult at times, experiences like this help me remember why God is doing this. Our middle graders today need Jesus more than ever. I hope to visit as many schools as I can. I love where God is taking this series, and I am so honored to be involved in His plan.

I Would Love to Visit Your Organization!

If you are part of a Christian school or organization and would like me to visit, please contact me at

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